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The great news for all the the candidate who live in the state of Gujarat. The Gujarat government release the notification for the atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana. As you all know that the atmanirbhar yojana is released by the India’s Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi on 12 may 2020. Scheme total budget by the PM of India is 20 lakh crore rupees.The loan would be for tenure of three years and the state government would finalise guidelines for the same soon

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a self-reliant scheme in which the citizen of the country get the benefit. Also the daily wages religious worker labour and the low-income worker people will get many benefits from the scheme.Under the self-sufficient Bharat Abhiyan (Economic Package), farmers, laborers, laborers, small and medium businesses of the country as well as traders doing business of MSME industry have also been taken into consideration.

Aim of the gujarat Sahay Yojana

Making the citizens of the country self dependent means self dependent. The Prime Minister said that we have to live by own self. No we don’t have to look anybody to get help go to get money. We will make our own business. Under this scheme, the largest amount of financial assistance will be provided to all these beneficiaries selected by the government as an economic package. With the help of the central government, India will go towards a new height.

We are a country where people are fulfilled in every field, if we use it properly, then we will not need anyone else and the citizens of the country have been asked to make themselves dependent.

Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana

The Gujarat government on Thursday announced a Rs 5,000-crore relief package for tiny businesses. Announcing the relief, chief minister Vijay Rupani said that though the annual interest on the loan is 8% but the beneficiaries would have to pay only 2% as the state government would bear remaining 6%.

Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana
Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana

The government will pay another 6 per cent interest to banks giving loan under the scheme, Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojna (AGSY). Under this scheme more than 10 lakh people will take advantage.For small people like electricians, ‘dhobi’ and shopkeepers, the other states have announced an assistance of only Rs 5,000. “The person taking a loan will not have to pay any EMI or interest for the first six months,” he added. The interest will be distributed for the remaining part of the three-year period.

The state government of Gujarat will pay another 6% interest to banks giving loan under the Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojna (AGSY) targeted at small businessmen.

An Rs.14,000 crore package with a slew of measures to ease the burden on the middle-class, small traders, skilled workers and labours of the State who have been hit hard by the financial impact of the lockdown following the COVID-19 outbreak. The scheme aims to provide financial assistance to small businessmen, skilled workers, autorickshaw owners, electricians, and barbers, etc to get back to business which was disrupted by the COVID-19 lockdown.

Aatm Nirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana Beneficiaries

Under this scheme the various people will get the benefit

देश के गरीब नागरिक
प्रवासी मजदूर
मत्स्य पालन करने वाले (मछुआरे)
संगठित क्षेत्र ,असंगठित क्षेत्र के कामगार
कुटीर उद्योग
लघु उद्योग
मध्यमवर्गीय उद्योग
छोटे व्यापारी
मंझले व्यापारी , इत्यादि

On the lines of #AtmaNirbharBharatAbhiyaan, CM Shri @vijayrupanibjp announces ‘Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana’ for the benefit of over 1 million lockdown-hit small traders, hawkers, skilled workers and a cross-section of people falling under the lower middle income group.

Tweet By CMO Gujarat

Key Highlights

  • The Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana launch on 14 may 2020.
  • Here is the article we provides you the application and registration form.
  • Also you will get the information about the forum is online or offline mode.
  • The major benefit of this scheme is you will get the loan at very low interest rate.
  • The maximum out you will get up to rupees 1 Lakh.
  • The loan tenure of this scheme is 3 year .
  • The repayment of the scheme is six month after the loan sanction date.
  • This scheme is under Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.
  • The Scheme was launched by the CM Vijay Rupani.

Provision to approval the loan

The loans will be provided based on an application where no guarantee will be required.The government came up with the scheme after discussion with district, scheduled and cooperative banks.

Atmanirbhar Loan apply online

The Gujarat government has announced the Gujarat Sahay Yojana in which you get the the loan amount UP to Bank from the various Bank in Gujarat. This loan is guarantee free loan. This loan amount will be provided at an annual interest rate of 2% as it seeks to help them get back to normal life disrupted by the Coronavirus lockdown. Moreover, govt. will also pay another 6% interest to banks giving loans under the scheme.

The Gujarat government on Thursday announced a scheme under which people from the lower middle-income group can take a guarantee-free loan of Rs 1 lakh from banks at a two percent annual interest rate. The objective of this scheme is to help people to start a normal life which has been affected due to Kovid-19 lockdown. Rupani said that the remaining six percent interest will be paid by the state government to the banks. The tenure of such loans will be three years. He said that payment of principal and interest would start six months after it was approved.


  • Fighting the epidemic like coronavirus, taking the country’s growth rate upwards and preparing itself against the economic slowdown in the country.
  • To provide benefits to all types of industries and small traders of small sections of the country, laborers, laborers, farmers, small scale industries, cottage industries, middle class industries.
  • The economic package is to elevate the means of livelihood in India under the Self-Reliant India Campaign, as well as to help those whose jobs have either gone or are about to leave.
  • Another objective is to make people self-sufficient who have been broken from inside because of a complete lock-down and corona-like epidemic.

To be self-sufficient, it is important to have five things.

  1. Economy
  2. Better infrastructure
  3. System
  4. Demography
  5. Demand and supply

Apply loan under the atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana

  1. To get the benefit of this scheme you will have to to visit the nearest bank in Gujarat.
  2. As you go through the nearest bank you have to ask the application form gujarat Sahay Yojana.
  3. Now fill up the application form carefully also read all the term and condition and instruction provided in this form.
  4. At the time of fill up application form you also have to provide the information about the business you want to started.
  5. Please submit the application form to the branch manager or any authority of the bank.
  6. After you submit the application for the respected Bank check all the detail and sectioned your loan.
  7. Now you can freely start your business. Make sure that you can only started that business which is provide at the time of application form filled.

Gujarat loan yojana:

NOTE: Some other information about this scheme are not fully disclosed by the CM of Gujarat. We will update all the information they provided when the PMO Gujarat all the CM of Gujarat Vijay Rupani send any update about this came on their official platform.

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What is the eligibility criteria of Gujarat atmanirbhar Sahay Yojana?

There is no any eligibility criteria for this scheme just to you have the idea to open your business.

Is there any age criteria under Gujarat Atmanirbhaya scheme?

No, there is no any official announcement about age criteria under the the Gujarat Atmanirbhaya sahay scheme.

What is the maximum loan under Gujarat Atmanirbhaya scheme?

The maximum loan you will get under the scheme is 1 lakh.

How to fill application form of Gujarat Atmanirbhaya scheme?

To fill up the application for you have to visit your nearest bank.

Is there any procedure to fill up the application form online?

No, you can only fill up the application you can only fill up the application form bu offline method.

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